HoloCap Studio

HoloCap Studio

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HoloCap Studio is a software tool for capturing volumetric video files in real-time using a Kinect depth sensor. We call these files “HoloCaps”, and a HoloCap file may contain 3D meshes, textures and audio-data. HoloCap recordings can be imported and played in Unity 3D by using the HoloCap Player plugin. The system is designed for simplicity; No special background (i.e green-screen), advanced lightning or calibration is required. The holograms are instantly viewable in VR and no postproduction is necessary. 


  • Volumetric video capture of people
  • Hologram sound capture
  • Playback and editing of the captured sequences directly within the Unity Editor
  • Compatible with Kinect V2 (with PC adaptor). Kinect for Azure support is coming.
  • Low latency 30Hz capture rate while maintaining 90Hz framerate in VR
  • Export option: create obj sequences from your capture files.
  • Compatible with PC/Win10 PCVR and Unity 2018.3 and later. Please get in touch if targeting other platforms. 
  • Hardware needed: Kinect V2 sensor with PC adaptor, VR ready PC, tripod.

Note: Upon purchase, the license key will be sent out within 24 hours.