HoloCap HALO (Beta)

HoloCap HALO (Beta)

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HoloCap Halo is available upon request only.

HoloCap HALO (Beat) is our tool for light weight volumetric video and streaming. The volumetric video is created in real-time as depth-encoded RGBD video and stored in ordinary video-formats like mp4. HoloCap HALO is intended to be used together with your favorite video capture/streaming software, like Open BroadCaster Software (OBS). 

HALO comes in three flavors, Basic for KinectV2 or Azure, and a Pro version for Azure Kinect only. In the basic version, the resolution is limited to the resolution of the depth sensor, while Pro supports much higher resolutions. 

The HALO player for Unity supports PC, Android, iOS, Hololens and other.

Request HALO Beta access: info@holocap.com