Hologram keynote speaker

HoloCap CMO Peder Børresen held an entire 25 minute keynote presentation as a hologram at the RAQ conference in Québec. The subject of the keynote was “Human holograms in virtual and augmented reality”



“Our Augmented Reality Quebec conference is intended to demonstrate the potential of these technologies and Holocap blew the whole audience's minds with the quality of the holoportation. From an organizational point of view, all we had to do was plug in a mobile phone to bring Peder Borresen on stage and start the show !” Denis Boulanger, Director of programming for Réalité Augmentée Québec


About the keynote

HoloCap has been involved in a wide range of virtual and augmented reality projects where human holograms, or volumetric video, has been used to simulate human presence.This presentation shares insight from different use cases as well as the technology behind the company's technology to bring humans presence into 3D environments.



Here is a shortened version of the conference live video stream.


Testing the technology:

Before the actual conference, the technology was tested in an empty conference hall in Norway. The audience sees the hologram through an Augmented Reality video feed, broadcasted on the conference screens.



For this hologram presentation, Peder was at his home in Norway, while his hologram was presenting the keynote on stage at the conference in Canada.





Programmation 2022 - Semaine numériQC de Québec (semainenumeriqc.com)


Technology used:

  • HoloCap Halo capture app

  • HoloCap Halo Unity player

  • HoloCap mobile AR API

  • Kinect Azure