Real-time holographic capture
for VR and AR.


Holocap is a system for scanning and presenting humans in Virtual Reality in real-time using a low cost depth camera. This makes live interaction and communication between VR users and people being scanned possible, and avoids the "uncanny valley" effect often seen with animated, virtual humans.

The system is easy to use : Point the camera towards the people you want to capture, and you´re ready to go. No special type of background (i.e green-screen), lightning, calibration or other setup is required.

Use cases includes sales and VR showrooms, education, simulation and training, film/theater previsualization, storyboarding etc. Live performances may be recorded, or mixed with previously recorded and scripted "holograms" for maximum flexibility.



Basic features

A Unity plugin for capturing and viewing directly in VR.

Capture using low cost depth camera (Kinect V2)

Record with instantaneous playback directly in VR.

Low latency 30Hz capture rate while maintaining 90Hz framerate in VR.

Mix live capture with playback of prerecorded holograms.

Compressed file format. Record hour long holograms with HD texture quality and all depth data

Switch between first person view (see your own body in VR) or third person view.

Real-time filtering reduces sensor noise and enhances quality.

Sensor height and orientation is automatically detected

Capture humans only or use a clipping region

Compatible with Vive and Rift

Work in progress

Hololens/Mobile VR playback.

Support for unreal engine

Low latency streaming.

Multicamera support


HoloCap AS
Westye Egebergsgate 1B
NO-0177 Oslo